Bitrate Optimization for OPUS
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Bitrate Optimization for OPUS.

Bopus search for bitrate of OPUS that will result in desired quality. Quality of audio is asserted by Visqol.


  1. Clone and install Visqol.
  2. Install Bopus


-i, --input <input>              Input file to use
-t, --target <target-quality>    Value of quality to target [default: 4.0]
-j, --jobs <jobs>                Number of jobs to run[default: all cpu cores]
-m, --model <model>              Model to use for visqol calculations. 
                                 If not specified, the default model is used
-l, --log <log-level>            Log level 
                                 (OFF, ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, TRACE)[default: INFO]

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