Girens is a Plex GTK client for playing movies, TV shows and music from your Plex library.
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Girens for Plex

Girens is a Plex media player client. You can watch and listen to your music, shows and movies with this GTK app.

Why this app

There are more Plex clients that can be used on Linux. For example the Plex website and the Plex media Player. Those Plex clients are lacking functions which I like to have. For example: a responsive layout (so you can use it on a small screen), function to download media items to the device and GTK+ is awesome.

How to install

Flatpak is the recommended installation method. You can get Girens Flatpak on Flathub.

Or download the latest development flatpak from gitlab. Then install that flatpak with:

flatpak install nl.g4d.girens.flatpak

Password Storage

Girens uses Secret Service to store the password so you should have something providing that service on your system. If you're using GNOME or KDE this should work for you out of the box with gnome-keyring or ksecretservice.

How to build

The easiest way to build this App from source is with Gnome-builder. Install Gnome-builder on your machine. Clone thise git project to your machine. Open the git project in Gnome-builder and click run.


Screenshot of Girens with covers blurred